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Welcome to ABC Florist 

We are a family run business established in Farnborough since 1981. We are located in the heart of Farnborough and have one of the largest studios in Hampshire, our dedicated team of experienced florists are able to create you any design, whether its for that special gift, fairytale wedding, a bespoke funeral tribute, extravagant party or corporate work, we are here to help. Give us a call and let us amaze you with our creativity.

For any queries you can also e-mail abcflorist@mail.com



We love being at the heart of our community. Our shop is alive with a gorgeous array of flowers, plants, trinkets and of course, the lovely people who drop in whether it’s for a break from life or a bouquet for the wife. Over the years, we have blossomed (pun intended) because of our passion, our consistently high standards and our unparalleled level of professionalism.  



Dedicated to discovery of different flora and fancies to impress you, we have grown a store which is aspirational and inspirational. It’s the former because of the attention to detail and the supreme quality, and it’s the latter because of the sheer range of styles which wow and please. 



You deserve this. Our convenient, express service guarantees you amazing, fresh flowers on a regular basis without you needing to do anything. Now, all year round, you can adorn your home with fresh aromas and decor, breathing new life into your living spaces. It’s about making natural beauty a permanent part of your environment. 

From Stall to Studio

Our journey started many years ago with a stall in London's Borough Market. We now call Hampshire our home and bring a touch of London's floral expertise with us, doing our bit to breathe new life into this beautiful county. We believe in better; better ranges, better customer service and an all round better experience for you.